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  Edge Honing Guides & Attachments

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Edge Honing Guides & Attachments A-50, A-51, A-051

For Use with an Oil Stone


A Simple to use tool for Honing the plane irons Which can be set to Produce the correct cutting angle. The angle achieved by following the marker on the angle marking scale attached to the guide. The Plane iron is tightened on the top with the knurled screw.


The free movement of tool is ensured by the steel, Which allow unrestricted movement over the entire oilstone surface.


To make the extra use of the guide originally made exclusively honing the Plane iron of the carpenters Adjustable Iron Planes such as: Smoothing, Jack, fore and the jointer Planes, Attachment suitable for holding & honing the plane iron of the Spoke Shave Planes are introduced, as depicted above.


Body :  Alloy Aluminum
Free Rollers :  Best Quality Steel
Roller & Knurled Wheel :  Chrome Plated
Body & Angle Strip

:  Painted, ANANT Black

Packing : Individually Cartoned in a display box of Six.


Edge Honing Guide &

Attachment No.:

Width of Grip Iron in MM Approx. Weight in Grams


(for 45mm to 60mm)

45 to 60 55


(for spokeshave cutter)

54 100


(for spokeshave cutter)

45 55








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