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Multi Edge Honing Guide 2


A simple to use tool for honing the plane irons of different models of the carpenter's iron bench planes such as planes, block planes, plough planes, spoke shave, finish chisels and the mortise of width ranging from 3mm to 65mm. The plane irons and the other cutting tools are gripped from black both the sides between the two simultaneously movable & reversible jaws of the guide and tightened on the top by packing the knurled screw clamp to strongly hold the tool in its individually packed in a carton box. Position while honing. The knurled screw clamp can be used in two positions (forward & backward) provided in the guide. The simultaneously movable (outward & inward) jaws of the guide are operated by rotating (clockwise & anti clockwise) the knurled screw head of the left & right hand thread screw, underneath the guide. The honing guide is freely movable on the steel rollers
made of good quality steel. The correct honing angle of 30 and the sharpening angle of 25 of the cutting tools is achieved by shifting the roller at the rear end of the guide to its respective position to 30 & 25 marked on the guide.


Body :  Alloy Aluminum
Free Rollers :  Best Quality Steel
Roller & Knurled Wheel :  Chrome Plated
Body & Angle Strip

:  Power Painted Black


Arts No.

Width of Grip in MM


3 to 65








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